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Hits Coachella Week2

So excited to begin the show season

So excited to begin the show season.

After a well deserve winter break and working hard in creating a stock of frozen semens, the boys are ready to go back to work.

Jonsaunier will have to wait a little before being back in the show ring.

Irish Whiskey Z was ready to begin the 6 years old classes in Thermal week 2.

Sadly we had to cancel all our classes due to a foot cut a little too short.

Nothing bad, but would you run a sprint with uncomfortable shoes?

Wouldn't ask him that.

His well being being far more important then any ribbon, we spend this week enjoying the Coachella Valley and watching all the talented horses and riders.

It also let me some free time to work on the website:

Would love some feedback, if any one have time on my instagram :moonlight sport horses or by email:

In the main time I couldn't resist of sharing one of my favorite picture.

Irish Whiskey Z, 5 years old class, Sonoma 2018

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