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Stallion Protocole Moonlight Sport Horses

A breeding dose prepared by an SBS Affiliated Laboratory (and Moonlight Sport Horses) is standardized to comprise of eight 0.5mL straws.

Semen is frozen at a concentration of 200-250 million/mL, resulting in a total of 800 million to 1 billion sperm in a final dose volume of 4mL. Given our minimum recommended post-thaw motility for commercial distribution of 30% progressive, each breeding dose therefore also exceeds the industry recommended minimum of 200 million progressively motile sperm per dose after thawing.

One breeding dose for Moonlight Sport Horses Stallion is compose of 8 straws of 0.5ML. The final dose volume is 4mL. All the stallions had been tested and have a post thaw mobility higher than 30%.

We decided to standardise our doses per stallion to make sure the breeders are satisfied and also know the quality of the doses they are buying. Each dose will stay 4mL even though the fertility of each stallion is really high.

We won't cut down quality for profit.

We are here to answer any questions and of course to follow you on the process to welcome a futur star in your breeding program.

Picture copyright sarahshierphotography

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