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A horse that works with you attentively, freely and willingly? This can be achieved by using

the BEMER Horse-Set, a result highly appreciated by equestrians. New findings from user

observations in northern Germany now throw light on a different product benefit. Apparently,

when it comes to mating process, which is not entirely without its dangers, users

have been registering positive changes in behavior even among stallions with an excited


The company BEMER Int. AG knows the needs of horses

and performance-oriented equestrians. On the basis of

these new findings, the company can continue to improve

the product‘s known and valuable contribution to horse

health – and now also enhance the safety of horse owners,

insemination technicians and veterinarians.

For more than two decades, BEMER Int. AG has been a

pioneer in the field of physical vascular therapy and has

also been intensively involved in research with proven

success in the areas of horses and humans. As a result of

the medical technology company‘s passion for horses and

breeding, user observations were conducted during the

2021 breeding season, which revealed how the behavior of

stallions underwent positive changes when using the BEMER

Horse-Set therapy blanket under veterinary supervision.

Because every owner (and everyone else involved

in the process) hopes that the stallion concerned has a

powerful libido that will make quick and efficient semen

collection possible. The stallion may have a low, insufficient,

or dominant libido, an anxious, hyperactive, or excited

temperament – stallion owners are all too aware that,

when it comes to mating and semen collection, stallions

that exhibit unpredictable behavior can pose a danger to

people and horses alike.

If sexual behavior has presented particular challenges in

the past, use of the product in individual cases, tailored to

the animal‘s behavior, can achieve harmonization, reduce

risks, and increase the success of semen collection. To do

this, the ergonomically shaped therapy blanket from the

BEMER Horse-Set is placed on the stallion, adjusted to fit

using a simple adjustment mechanism and switched on at

the touch of a button.

Optimally adapted to the requirements of the horse‘s organism,

the BEMER Horse-Set is applied at a key coordinating

point in terms of health. It improves blood flow in

the smallest blood vessels, thus promoting metabolism and

cell activity, so boosting recovery and convalescence processes.

While the latest user observations have shown that

the product has a positive influence on the libido of stud

stallions, further studies have revealed that it improves

suppleness and promotes regeneration. Furthermore, top

athletes worldwide such as Simone Blum, Martin Fuchs,

Juan Matute Giumón, Isabel Freese and Sönke Rothenberger

have reported how satisfied they are with the BEMER

Horse-Set as it helps them to maintain the physical fitness

of their horses and achieve top athletic performance. These

successes have not come about by chance, but rely on collaboration

with strong partners such as the Department of

Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milan, the HCCG,

Dr. med. vet. Hermann Josef Genn, Hof Kasselmann and

the Paul Schockemöhle breeding station.

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